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5 Teachers That will Stunt Your Growth

5 Teachers That will Stunt your Growth

If something is worth learning, it’s worth learning from someone who knows better: teachers, coaches, mentors, gurus, senseis, shifus—learning from knowledgeable people is smart and part of human nature. But some teachers can cause far more harm to a student than good. These duds don’t encourage growth, they stunt it.

I’ve encountered quite a few of these bad teachers over the years (and heard stories of more). Here are a few of the ones you should avoid:
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James Earl Jones

People Who Used to Suck: James Earl Jones

Quick survey: How many of you recognize this voice:

Or this voice?

If you do, then you probably know the speaker as James Earl Jones, one of the most accomplished actors of our—no, any era. His deep basso profundo voice is instantly recognizable as the chime of an ice cream truck (though not nearly as popular with children). He’s won more awards over the years than you can shake a lightsaber at, and not just for film. James Earl Jones is also an incredible stage actor, and still manages to participate despite being over 80 years old.

But that iconic voice of his almost never came to be.
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