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Productivity Tips that Never Work (For Me)

Productivity Tips that Never Work (For Me)

There are so many productivity tips on the Internet that, if each one was turned into a coin, it would fill up Scrooge McDuck’s Duck Tales vault. And yet why aren’t more people more productive? Why hasn’t the world turned into a utopia of uber-productive, overachieving individuals?

I read the same tips that you do (probably more), and I’ve also tried the same ones you have (again, probably more). Now, I can’t speak for why you’re still a chronic underachiever, but I know why I am.

A lot of the tips just don’t work.

They don’t work for me, that is (so don’t burn me at the stake just yet). I’m going to share a few of the productivity tips I tried, as well as my thoughts on why they didn’t work. If you have a different analysis, please share it in the comments. I’ll have a bonus for you at the end.

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