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5 Powerful Lessons I Learned from Kart Racing

5 Powerful Lessons I Learned from Kart Racing

Have you ever been on a go-kart? You know, the one with the wraparound bumpers that crawls along a short track? Well, imagine a kart with an engine the sound of a lion that can roar down a road at 100 kph, and a track scaled up to accommodate it. Intimidated? I sure was!

My brother once invited me to one of these. With the kind of encouragement only a brother can give (e.g. he paid for me) I drove my first lap around a pro-ish race track. It wasn’t carnival-level, but neither was it for hard core pros. Now, I’ve driven at 80 kph before, but never when the only thing between my butt and the pavement was an inch of plastic. I think I spun out more often than not, but it didn’t matter: I was hooked.

It was a new experience for me, and as a result brought revelatory perspectives and insights into how I practiced nearly anything else.
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